eBook Price: $35

"Pendulums" covers the art of using a pendulum in the real world and in performance. 
Anthem Flint begins by teaching you how to make decisions using the pendulum. 
Then, he shows how to help others make decisions with the pendulum.
 From there he moves onto jaw dropping and emotionally powerful routines that will stick with you wherever you go. Anthem teaches hard-hitting mentalism with emotional undertones, an unwritten Q&A, and mental magic routines that will leave your audience floored. 
Anthem has been fooling even the most learned magicians with his 1 in 52 routine. Anthem Flint's mentor, Losander, even said it's one of his favorite card tricks.
 Anthem Closes the book by teaching an effect that will involve everyone in your audience and leave them with a memory and a souvenir that will stick with them forever! 

 I just finished reading "Pendulums" from my friend Anthem. I was already impressed with his Q&A DVD and this time, Anthem has given us an excellent work on the subject of pendulums. If you are just starting to use the pendulum, this is a great eBook. 
You will learn the "basics" with some nice touches to it as well as some great routines. If you are a seasoned performer, you will see a fresh take on the subject. What I really like about Anthem's work is the passion and love that he puts into each of his works and this is what makes of him a future great performer.  
Luca Volpe

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